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Healthy Yogis

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Healthy Yogis

The challenge runs from September 9th to December 9th, 2017.
Kick off Saturday, September 9th at Noon.

Stop. Dieting. Forever.

Based on the format of the Sober Yogis program, Healthy Yogis is a challenge that combines unlimited yoga with nutritional counseling, education and group support.

In 2016, Queen City Bikram Yoga started Bikram’s Biggest Losers program to help combat the leading cause of preventable death in America: Obesity. In our first season, participants lost inches and pounds and more importantly regained their confidence, health and happiness.

Our biggest issue in the first season was that our format played into our society's endemic and dysfunctional relationship between weight and worth. This program is so much more than dropping pounds. Participants didn't just lose weight, they gained confidence, made community connections, healed, and learned to look in the mirror with love and pride, not judgment. With that in mind, we are excited to announce a major restructuring of this program that will allow us to serve people with a host of challenges like disordered eating, chronic illness, autoimmune disease, PTSD, trauma, addiction, stress, depression, anxiety, self-hatred, anger management and more.

Healthy Yogis is a three-month challenge designed to help you make permanent changes to your life, to heal injuries, manage chronic disease, improve your relationship with food, and address issues that prevent you from being your happiest, healthiest self.

Based on the format of our successful Sober Yogis program, Healthy Yogis is a challenge that combines unlimited yoga with nutritional counseling/education, on-line support, and weekly group therapy sessions.

How does it work? Join us for the kick-off meeting on Saturday, September 9th at Noon. Take the Healthy Yogis challenge for three months. Meet the criteria for each week and win a month of unlimited yoga at the end. Healthy Yogis challenge is the most supportive group of yogis you could ask to meet. If you're ready to make a change, this is it.  

Cost $379

Support Staff and Services


You'll have unlimited access to classes at Queen City Bikram Yoga and support from our highly trained staff. Meet your teachers! 


Lisa Lord brings the same depth, self-care, and awareness to her work as a nutritionist that we work for on the mat. She sends weekly emails including nutritional education, exercises, and meditations. She will also offer weekly Facebook-Live sessions to answer your burning questions. Lisa’s eating program helps dig into our deep-seated beliefs around eating and teaches participants to trust and fuel their bodies and heal disordered relationships with food. Lisa has particular expertise in the area of dealing with sugar addiction and helping people start where they are. Lisa will show you the way to stop dieting forever and heal your relationship with food. 


The program will also feature weekly group therapy sessions with Debra Niemacz, MSW, LICSW, to help deal directly with your emotional issues and mental struggles. Debra has over 30 years of experience as a clinical social worker and is a trauma informed clinician. Her group helps folks learn how to express emotion, communicate with others, and learn self-love and self-care.

Sound a little woo-woo for you? This dynamic combination of yoga instruction, nutritional education, and self-introspection will help you to break the pattern of destructive behaviors and learn to care for and fuel your body, develop a healthy relationship with food, and heal.

Commit to yourself for ninety days. Set the stage for the best is yet to come. It’s never too late.

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Sober Yogis Program

Are you looking for support on your path through sobriety? Join others in a safe environment to develop supports in your life to keep you on track toward your goals.

It is never too late to start from scratch. It is never too late to enjoy your life and create the life you want to live.

The Sober Yogis Challenge is an eight-week challenge designed to kick-start your yoga practice and enhance your recovery. Participants of all ages and levels of fitness in sobriety, looking for other supports to maintain sobriety, may participate. Mindfulness practices continue to gain notoriety for their ability to assist individuals in recovery with retaining sobriety. Moving meditative practices prove infinitely more effective in addiction recovery.

This challenge works by blending traditional therapeutic practices with Eastern mindfulness techniques to attain successful autonomy from chemical dependence.

Participants are required to take class five days and attend one group therapy session per week. Those who complete all eight weeks of Sober Yogis will receive a free month of unlimited yoga.

Queen City Bikram Yoga has teamed up with local therapists and substance abuse professionals to offer a special program to help support individuals seeking to maintain and enhance sobriety.

Bikram Yoga is well-known for its impact in supporting those in recovery. Famous teachers like Jeanne Heaton notoriously used the practice to recover from heroin addiction and co-owner of Bikram Yoga Portsmouth, Jaylon Curry is a Sober Yogi participant. The teaching staff at Queen City Bikram Yoga have a collective 50+ years of teaching experience. The attentive and welcoming staff will guide you through the practice with care and accuracy.

Rolling Admission

Sober Yogis offers rolling admissions. Register for a weekly group, sign up for yoga classes and start feeling better! Contact us to get started!

The Therapy

Sober Yogis offers a two-pronged approach to help you with your sobriety. Our lead therapist Kara Marabella, runs the weekly group support sessions.  She will help you get support from people on a similar path, develop a community within the yoga community and share your experiences. The support meetings allow participants to observe the recovery of others while offering a venue to witnesses personal successes. These groups are effective because they draw you into a culture of people who are taking care of themselves and making living a meaningful life a priority. Trained clinicians help guide and support the groups to maximize effectiveness. 

Daily Bikram Yoga Classes

The Bikram Yoga series is a therapeutic yoga program designed not only to bring optimal physical health, but as a mindfulness practice to help reduce the neurological response to stressful stimuli and past trauma. The intensity of the physical practice helps to train the mind to focus despite external distractions. As students gain control of their breath in difficult postures, they learn to control their reactions outside of the hot room as well.

A key component of the practice of yoga is the feeling of euphoria and well-being after practice. This combination of improved physical health, decrease in stress and feeling great are the reward for your hard work on the mat.

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This incredibly successful program is the intellectual property of Sara Curry, co-owner of Bikram Yoga Portsmouth.